Smiling trucker sitting on the back of his big rig

How It Works

Impirica’s solution for the transportation industry is called ExceleRATE.

ExceleRATE is a risk assessment program that goes beyond a traditional driver’s abstract or physical exam and evaluates the driver’s cognitive abilities.

The program looks at the critical skills required for safe driving and provides proactive risk management with an easy-to-read driver ranking system that predicts actual on-road performance.

ExceleRATE is used for pre-hiring, wellness, return-to-work and post-incident.


Decision-makers can use an in-depth risk assessment on current and potential employees to:

Transportation Partners

DriveABLE has partnered with municipalities, public transit, cargo, and freight transportation. Some of our partners are:

I think this list of logos is for something else. Impircia needs to provide a list of transportation partners to fill the list in. 

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