Photo of yellow RBS Bulk Systems truck

ExceleRATE ensures RBS Bulk Systems has the safest drivers for transporting dangerous goods

ExceleRATE’s simplified results helped decrease RBS Bulk System’s onboarding time, while increasing confidence in their drivers.

There was always a gap in driver auditing and review, it was was tough to be consistent. With ExceleRATE, I sleep better at night having confidence in the decisions we are making about drivers.

Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems

About RBS Bulk Systems

 RBS Bulk Systems provides high-quality bulk transportation services throughout Western Canada. Their head office is located in Calgary, Alberta and their two main operating terminals are in Fort Saskatchewan and Grande Prairie, Alberta. They specialize in liquid bulk transportation solutions, and are the most diversified bulk carrier in Western Canada. RBS Bulk Systems Inc. carries a broad range of products for customers in the oil and gas, mining, chemical and building products industries. RBS is a proud member of the Reimer World group of companies, a family-owned company with over 50 years of experience delivering exceptional transportation solutions to clients across Western Canada.

The Challenge

As a transporter of dangerous goods, RBS Bulk Systems is committed to delivering their customer’s shipments on time, safely, and at a competitive price. To help them with their commitment, they wanted to be proactive in managing health and safety issues. They noticed a gap in their driver auditing and process review, and wanted a solution that could objectively help with their driver vetting process.

When I heard about ExceleRATE, I thought – I have a use for that!

Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems

The Solution

RBS Bulk Systems implemented ExceleRATE to improve their driver auditing processes. ExceleRATE consists of two complementary components; Vitals and CORE. The Vitals cognitive assessment is an in-office screen and the only tool shown to be highly predictive of actual on-road performance, while the Commercial On-Road Evaluation (CORE) is an advanced driver road test that identifies critical errors and trainable bad habits. ExceleRATE provides comprehensive insight into the questions of fitness-for-duty and ensures drivers have the critical skills needed for safe driving.

During Hiring

ExceleRATE is used in the hiring stage as a critical component to determine if the driver will be considered for employment. It helps quantify and qualify their written resume. 

With Existing Fleet

ExceleRATE provides an evaluation that identifies driver risk and empowers management to pro-actively respond. This framework allows RBS to channel their resources to focus on high-risk drivers. 

The Results

Chart showing how ExceleRATE was used by RBS Bulk Systems ensure they are hiring the safest drivers.

ExceleRATE provides confidence to RBS Bulk Systems that they are employing the safest drivers.

Over the years I have investigated many incidents where a driver’s actions were the root cause of the incident. I am confident to say that if the [ExceleRATE] program was in effect for many of these, the outcomes would have been different.

Tyler Morse, Manager of HSSE, RBS Bulk Systems

Why ExceleRATE?

Objective, Third Party Test Scores 

ExceleRATE provides tools which add an unbiased and objective measurement of the driver’s fitness-for-duty.

Results Help Make Informed Decisions On Driver Safety 

ExceleRATE results provide RBS Bulk Systems with the data to make informed decisions about driver safety, and assists in tailoring remedial training programs for drivers that may need to brush up on their driving skills.

Strategic Advantage

RBS Bulk Systems is committed to outstanding safety and reliability with goal to deliver unparalleled service and complete seamless transportation solutions. ExceleRATE helps RBS Bulk Systems ensure shipments arrive on time and safely.

Elevated Safety

By enhancing their driver vetting process, RBS Bulk Systems is able to ensure they have the safest drivers for the job!