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Proactively measuring driver risk can be a challenge. ExceleRATE makes it easy – allowing you to pinpoint risk, preventing incidents and saving money.

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An ExceleRATE evaluation supports your decision-making for:
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Pre-hire/Periodic assessments



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Performance decline

ExceleRATE Advantage

ExceleRATE aligns with national & state safety guidelines to provide comprehensive insight into the questions of fitness-for-duty and has proven to deliver the following:

  • Healthy & productive drivers
  • High-quality drivers
  • Reduction in incidents
  • Improved retention rates
  • Monetary return on investment

Our results stand on their own or can work in tandem with telematics, corporate psychometric testing, and other tools.

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Unmeasured risk is unmanaged risk

Take a deep look at how ExceleRATE can help you manage driver risk by measuring it.

Our software allows you to quickly and easily analyze the results, rank drivers, and receive valuable insight for training and remediation purposes.

Watch the videos to understand the different tasks in the ExceleRATE test.

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Important Features

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Accurate identification

Ability to accurately profile and identify driver risk within your fleet.

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Data-driven decisions

Make timely decisions and manage driving performance with standardized, unbiased recommendations.

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Medical risk evaluation

Identify drivers who may need medical attention to continue driving safely.

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Proactive management

Identify fitness-for-duty risks before they manifest into safety hazards.

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Improved safety

Decrease preventable incidents while increasing overall safety.

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Save time and money by hiring and retaining the best.


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Commercial drivers will require a driving evaluation for one of the following reasons:

  • Pre-employment
  • Return to work
  • Periodic evaluation
  • Reason to suspect impairment
  • Post-incident analysis

The driver goes for a Vitals Mobile assessment. Vitals Mobile is a tablet-based assessment conducted by a certified evaluator. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes.

The driver will then go for a CORE (Commercial On-Road Evaluation). CORE is a behind-the-wheel assessment that looks at real-time performance. It takes approximately 45 minutes.

When the assessment is complete, data from the in-office and on-road assessments are compiled and an overall score is generated. Our software allows you to quickly and easily analyze the results, rank drivers, and receive valuable insight for training and remediation purposes. Reports are available online in PDF and CSV formatting.

How ExceleRATE Works

ExceleRATE predicts real-world driving behavior and does not discriminate by age, sex or race, providing a fair and objective assessment.

ExceleRATE consists of two parts:
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Vitals Mobile

Vitals Mobile is a tablet-based assessment that takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Vitals Mobile measures the driver’s cognitive skills across four tasks and compares their performance to cognitively healthy drivers from the same age group.


A commercial on-road evaluation (CORE) is a behind-the-wheel assessment that looks at real-time performance. The CORE is performed on real roads on a custom course that is complex enough to challenge the driver but will maintain safety. The driver can be assessed in a vehicle type that they would use in their job.


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