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Identify a patients driving risk in under 45 minutes.

DriveABLE identifies medically at-risk drivers and dramatically reduces the potential danger to the driver, their passengers, and other road users. If someone’s ability to drive safely is in question, DriveABLE can help by being fair, objective, and providing information to support professional judgment.

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How DriveABLE Works

DriveABLE is a tool that measures cognitive impairment of medically at-risk drivers. DriveABLE consists of two parts: Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT) and the On-Road Evaluation (DORE).

DCAT and DORE can be licensed together or separately, allowing you to customize your program to your clinic or hospital needs.

Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT)

DCAT is a tablet-based assessment that looks at cognitive abilities needed for safe driving. It predicts real-world driving behavior providing a fair and objective assessment.

If you are located in the USA, the DCAT is a reimbursable service.

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On-Road Evaluation (DORE)

DORE is a specialized on-road evaluation scientifically validated to identify safe driving. DORE provides a fair and objective assessment identifying cognitive behaviours and not bad habit errors common amongst experienced drivers.

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