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Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT)

DCAT is used by:

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How It Works

  • Takes approximately 30 minutes and is administered with the assistance of a trained assessor.
  • Presents tasks that look at how our brain processes information by challenging the cognitive abilities we use while driving. 
  • Requires no experience with computers, simply using three buttons and a touch-screen.

An objective report is immediately generated by the system, and the results are available in digital or print form. Contact us to view a sample report.

  • Motor speed and control
  • Span of attentional field
  • Spatial judgment and decision making
  • Speed of attentional shifting
  • Coordination of mental abilities
  • Identification of driving situations

Driving is a complex task. Our ability to drive safely can be impacted by many things such as medications, medical conditions, stroke, brain injury, dementia, diabetes and concussion. If someone’s ability to drive safely is in question, the DCAT can help. 


  • Fair and objective  
  • Information to support professional judgement  
  • Revenue-generating opportunity  
  • Complimentary marketing assets to market your DCAT service  



Watch the videos to understand how the DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT) works.

Important Features

Accurate driving risk identification

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Reimbursable through CPT codes (USA)

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Instant results

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