We make it easier to keep your driving talent safe.

Impirica provides easy-to-use and cost-effective in-depth risk assessment solutions to ensure your commercial drivers are healthy, productive, and a part of your organization for many years to come.

Evaluate real world impairment risk in the workplace

Our solutions take a performance-based approach to evaluating an employee’s fitness for duty. It goes beyond the mere detection of drugs or alcohol by looking at overall impairment risk, answering the critical question of whether a person is fit to do the job you are asking of them safely and successfully.

Providing the resources for accurate roadside impairment evidence

Impirica uses modern technology and respected testing methods to ensure data-based decision-making. We make sure your investigations are fair, accurate, and complete, so you can keep our roads safe.

Real-World Impairment risk assessment for a safe workplace

Create a proactive, risk-free environment for your employees with our holistic approach. Our comprehensive solutions extend to everyday tasks, operations in a safety-sensitive space, or working from home environments.

We develop impairment testing technology

Impirica’s mission is to create safer communities through the fusion of science and technology.

Our suite of impairment testing solutions provides decision-makers with a scientifically validated risk assessment to proactively identify risk. These solutions were developed out of research that looked at how cognitive functions interact with everyday performance.



A proactive risk evaluation system to measure a driver’s Fitness for duty pre & post-hire. ExceleRATE combines the power of an in-office cognitive screen (Vitals Mobile) with a gold-standard on-road evaluation (CORE).


DriveABLE identifies the Medically At-Risk Driver and dramatically reduces the potential danger to the driver, their passengers, and other road users. DriveABLE is made up of two assessments the DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT) and the DriveABLE On-Road Evaluation (DORE).

“ExceleRATE proved that the bigger investment at the beginning of the process pays off for the end. Now overall we have better candidates to go through our classes.”

– Valeria Palladino, Edmonton Transit Supervisor Hiring and Training

Case Study | Edmonton Transit System

Through ExceleRATE, ETS was able to implement a cost saving strategy that helped reduce recruitment and training costs, in some cases, by up to 85%

ETS implemented ExceleRATE to streamline their screening and selection process. Our fleet risk management program consists of two different assessments; Vitals and CORE. Our Vitals cognitive assessment is the only tool shown to be highly predictive of actual on-road performance. While our Commercial On-Road Evaluation (CORE) is an advanced driver road test that identifies the errors made by cognitive impairment and ones made by bad habits. These assessments combine to ensure you have the safest drivers on the road.

Technology and science combine to provide impairment testing solutions

Our suite of solutions provides non-biased and age-normed results, helping a multitude of decision-makers in the medical, transportation, workplace safety, law enforcement, and cannabis industries. Reduction of incidents on the road or in the workplace, improved onboarding, and driver retention are some of the benefits you can expect through Impirica solutions.


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Discover how Impirica is changing the future of fitness for duty for multiple industries

We have created compelling case studies that illustrate all the benefits our customers have realized since they started working with Impirica. We do more than provide accurate, data-driven impairment risk assessments; we help create a safer future for everyone.