Law Enforcement

Although traffic safety enforcement has become more complex over the last decade, Impirica is working with North American law enforcement agencies to enhance the roadside field sobriety test. We are improving the accuracy of data capture and facilitating efficiency in reporting and decision-making.

Police cruiser traffic stop with pickup truck

Our Tools

Our tools are designed for:

We are developing:

  1. Tools that make the Standard Field Sobriety test easier to administer, and
  2. A performance-based, easy-to-administer, highly standardized, noninvasive evaluation that looks at how an individual’s cognitive ability and performance are affected by drugs, fatigue, injury and illness. This tool can better define impairment beyond just the presence or absence of drugs based on real-world driving ability.

If your department is interested in participating in pilots for the tools we are developing, please contact us now and become part of the next generation of impairment detection solutions.