Workplace Occupational Health & Safety

Evaluate real world impairment risk on your job site.

Our solutions take a holistic approach to identifying an employee’s fitness for duty. It goes beyond the mere detection of drugs or alcohol by looking at overall impairment risk. Our assessments look at the health of an individual’s cognition. We don’t focus on the cause of impairment but look to see if impairment risk exists and to what extent. Whether the employee is performing basic day to day tasks, working from home or operates in a safety-sensitive environment – we want to ensure they have the fitness to perform their duties safely and successfully.

CARE Application

Care can be used for:

Important Features


Two decades of collaborative research, 130,000 + real world evaluations, AI & ML data mining techniques and a mindset that our science needs to evolve.

Mobile Platforms

Embracing mobile tablet technology, our science can be easily accessed in locations where impairment risk is at its highest.

Cause Agnostic

VITALS is focused on an employee’s functional ability to perform the job being asked of them regardless of the cause.

Real-World Application

Engaging the brain as it would be in a real-world environment and translating the performance into an understandable measure of risk.


The screen does not require a prick of skin or other body fluid to get a result.


Customization is possible to accommodate both organizational risk thresholds and timing constraints.

Man and woman engineers


The next generation of impairment assessments

Help us fine tune our application. We are looking for companies that are willing to help us improve the accuracy of this tool by adding it to their current drug testing protocol. Easily add VITALS to your current testing program by signing up your company to participate. VITALS takes 30 minutes to administer on an iPad. The evaluation consists of 4 tasks, that test a variety of cognitive skills that directly relate to safety sensitive activities.

Help us make your workplace safer!