TTSAO Proudly Supports Impirica to Bring ExceleRATE, Proactive Driver Risk Evaluation, to their Members

Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) and Impirica team up to create safer roads in Ontario by implementing the ExceleRATE program across the province. ExceleRATE is a proactive driver risk evaluation designed to answer the question of driver fitness-for-duty. The program addresses the challenge of identifying impairment risk resulting from underlying medical conditions, which traditional training methods may not detect.

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Are You Still Doing the Same Old Road Test?

With an increasing need to be proactive in risk management, it might be time to look at your road testing practices. The transportation industry has adopted modern technology to manage its fleet, so why are companies still doing the same old road test?

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Risk Prevention and Overcoming Objections

Identifying and managing risk in the workplace can be a challenge, especially when there is conflicting opinions within an organization.

This article uses a popular Joseph Malins poem titled “The Ambulance Down In The Valley” to discuss proactive risk management in the workplace.

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Introductory Summary to the CCMTA Medical Standards for Commercial Drivers

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA), National Safety Code, Standard 6: Determining Driver Fitness in Canada is a two-part document that focuses on explaining how Canadian jurisdictions perform their role in assessing the medical fitness of drivers (Part 1), and the CCMTA Medical Standards for Drivers (Part 2). This 297-page document addresses drivers of both personal and commercial vehicles. Below is an introductory summary, comprised of sections directly from Standard 6, specifically focusing on commercial drivers. This summary is a tool for commercial transportation companies to support drivers with their understanding of the medical requirements outline in this document

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Are You Hiring the ‘Right’ Drivers?

Employee retention and turnover are constantly challenging for transportation companies of all sizes. Attracting and retaining talent is crucial to keeping the wheels moving, reducing operating and driver management costs, managing safety, and improving the overall performance of your company, and it all starts with your hiring practices.

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