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CARE takes a holistic approach to identifying an employee’s fitness for duty. It goes beyond the mere detection of drugs or alcohol and looks at overall impairment risk. It is not looking to see what caused the impairment. Rather, it looks to see if impairment risk exists and to what extent

Whether the employee is performing basic day-to-day tasks or operates in a safety-sensitive environment, we want to ensure they have the fitness to perform their duties safely and successfully.

Impirica is working with North American law enforcement agencies to enhance the roadside field sobriety test. We are improving the accuracy of data capture and facilitating efficiency in reporting and decision-making.

The Pocket Standard Field Sobriety Test (PSFST) is a performance-based, easy-to-administer, highly standardized, noninvasive evaluation that looks at how an individual’s cognitive ability and performance are affected by drugs, fatigue, injury and illness.

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