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Where science and technology meet to create effective solutions

As a leader in performance-based impairment testing, our mission is to create safer communities through the fusion of science and technology. Founded in 2000 through university research, we are focused on commercializing effective, objective, data-based impairment testing solutions.

Our suite of solutions provides proactive impairment risk assessments to a multitude of decision-makers in the medical, commercial transportation, workplace safety, law enforcement and cannabis industries.  We are constantly learning, evolving and advancing our bed of science and we strive to be the vanguard in changing the way the world looks at impairment. We are Impirica! 

Our Approach

Find out how Impirica is revolutionizing the question of Fitness For Duty

Understanding the science behind impairment

Applying the science to real world

Integrating the science into solutions.


25 years of research and development built the foundation of our solutions that are integral to our corporate values and our approach to supporting our customer’s risk and safety initiatives.

Our culture

Our culture is not defined by a single statement but is alive in the work, passion, and fun we have.

Our team

We share the same passion for creating impairment technology. Get to know us!


Discover all the industries where Impirica is making impactful changes and creating safer spaces.

Strategic Advantage, Elevated Safety

Our high standards, continuous ways to develop better tools, and deliver reliable results have proven Impirica to be the best resource when it comes to impairment risk assessments. The satisfaction, trust, and safety of our customers are our priorities.

Impirica is your right choice

We are helping clients build stronger and more sustainable services.

Start investing today in the tools that will help your business grow, retain talented drivers, and reduce your liability risk.