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On-Road Evaluation (DORE)

Driver assessment

How It Works

DORE is performed by experienced, on-road evaluators on a standardized road course. 

The DORE takes 30 to 45 minutes. The trained evaluator will guide the driver through the course, and mark down errors as they occur. All errors are standardized and coded for ease of recording.

After the DORE, any errors are entered into the DriveABLE software. An objective report is immediately generated by the system, and the results are available in digital or print form. Contact us to view a sample report.

A DORE course and related scoring system focuses on driving errors that signal cognitive impairment.

The course is designed to gradually increase a driver’s cognitive load and only use maneuvers that drivers commonly encounter.

The approach is set to protect competent drivers while flagging those with an evident decline in abilities.

Driving is a complex task. Our ability to drive safely can be impacted by many things such as medications, medical conditions, stroke, brain injury, dementia, diabetes and concussion. If someone’s ability to drive safely is in question, the DORE can help.

  • A validated approach you can rely on
  • Provide standardization
  • Complements the DCAT
  • Revenue generating opportunity
  • Complimentary marketing assets to market your DORE service

How does DORE differ from standard driver testing?

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