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ExceleRATE ensures Edmonton Transit Service hires competent, safe drivers at a lower cost

ETS streamlined and refined their hiring processes to ensure a more efficient use of resources and a more effective hiring.

About Edmonton Transit Service

Founded in 1908, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is a fully integrated, easy-to-use public transit system. With over 1600 operators, ETS offers a safe, reliable and affordable public transit service linking people and places.

The Challenge

ETS streamlined and refined its hiring processes to ensure a more efficient use of resources and a more effective hiring process for all applications.

Through ExceleRATE, ETS was able to implement a cost saving strategy that helped reduce recruitment and training costs, in some cases, by up to 85%. ETS wanted an objective, third party test that enabled them to assess applicants’ cognitive driving ability before spending thousands of dollars on costly medical and functional testing, as well as any associated training costs.

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“ExceleRATE proved that the bigger investment at the beginning of the process pays off for the end. Now overall we have better candidates to go through our classes.”

Valeria Palladino, Edmonton Transit Supervisor Hiring and Training

The Solution

ETS implemented ExceleRATE to streamline their screening and selection process. Our fleet risk management program consists of two different assessments; Vitals and CORE. Our Vitals cognitive assessment is the only tool shown to be highly predictive of actual on-road performance. While our Commercial On-Road Evaluation (CORE) is an advanced driver road test that identifies the errors made by cognitive impairment and ones made by bad habits. These assessments combine to ensure you have the safest drivers on the road.

ETS Hiring Process

  1. ETS posts jobs online.
  2. The candidate completes pre-screening questionnaire.
  3. Successful candidates move on to complete an assessment survey (STRATA) and if successful, a 15-question map reading test.
  4. If the applicant passes both tests, they are scheduled for ExceleRATE, which includes Vitals and CORE.
  5. The test results are thoroughly reviewed by the team and the chosen candidates proceed to the interview.

“Economically speaking, ExceleRATE saves a lot of money and maintains that level of objectivity. The instructors feel more directly involved.”

Valeria Palladino, Edmonton Transit Supervisor Hiring and Training


ETS Operator Hiring Cycle

  • Trained ETS staff have performed ExceleRATE assessments in-house on more than 530 potential candidates.
  • 59% of those candidates were screened out and did not proceed to the next step. Six of those candidates scored extremely poorly on the Vitals, and would be considered a high-risk, hazardous driver, on the road.

Why ExceleRATE?

Objective, Third Party Test Scores

ExceleRATE provides tools which add an unbiased and objective measurement of the cognitive skills required by ETS operators. Being a tax funded, public service, ETS must maintain a level of objectivity in their hiring practices. Objective data dispels doubt.

Results Inform Hiring Teams, Streamline Processes, and Save Money

ExceleRATE test results provide the ETS recruitment team with the data to make informed decisions about hiring operators. It also ensures the highest quality recruits are being chosen, while reducing costs.

Strategic Advantage

Edmonton Transit Service draws in applicants from all over Canada and outside the country. The ETS HR department has been approached by other jurisdictions and asked to share their hiring practices.

Elevated Safety

By enhancing their hiring practices, ETS is able to hire the best drivers, keeping everyone in the bus and on the road safer.