You doctor would like to establish your overall ability to drive safely. The DriveABLE assessment measures both your cognitive and functional abilities to drive safely.

Your doctor may have recommended an assessment based on your medical history.

Medical conditions can cause even the best driver to become unsafe. Driving is a complex task in which memory, attention, judgment and other cognitive abilities are used in concert to guide successful performance.

Many medical conditions such as memory loss, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes can impact driving abilities. Even if no single condition is severe, several conditions can combine to make a person unsafe to drive.

Medications can also affect your ability to drive safely.

Read our preparation tips on this page: Before and After Your Assessment.

The DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool (DCAT) is a simple test that consists of six tasks. These tasks are performed on a touch screen. Watch video explanations of the six tasks.

During the six tasks, this is what is required:

  • Watching the screen
  • Using your finger on the screen to touch and identify objects
  • Pressing one of three buttons to complete tasks

During your assessment, you won’t be alone. Throughout your assessment you will have a trained and certified assessor by your side. They will set you up for the assessment, explain the tasks task to you, and provide you with an opportunity to practice each task before it starts.

No. DriveABLE does not provide assessment services. We provide the technology and training to licensed and certified organizations.

To find a licensed assessment provider in your area please view Licensed Providers.

No. We know it is important to compare performance within relevant age ranges. (You can’t compare performance of a 75-year-old to a 25-year-old.)

Using the data we have collected through research and real-world evaluations, we ensure that results are normed relevant to an individual’s age.

No. DriveABLE’s technology is used to provide insight into a driver’s fitness to drive. This insight is used in the context of other information gathered by a driver’s physician to make a decision about driving cessation or retirement.

We do not have the ability or jurisdiction to take away someone’s driver’s license.

DriveABLE technology is developed, owned and offered by Impirica Inc. Please visit Impirica’s website for more information.