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Proactively measuring driver risk can be a challange, ExceleRATE makes it easy!

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Unmeasured risk is
unmanaged risk

Take a look at how ExceleRATE can help you manage driver risk by measuring it.

How ExceleRATE Works



  • Tablet based assessment performed in office
  •  20-30 minutes to complete
  • Looks at cognitive functions required to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely
  • Predictive of on road performance
CORE (Commercial On Road Evaluation):
  • Gold standard on road evaluation designed to cognitively challenge the driver
  • Standardized driver evolutions at a single location or across multiple locations


Immediately following an assessment, a report is available for your organization to review. The report includes an overall risk score based on the Vitals-Mobile assessment and CORE assessment.

Our reporting system and report interpretation guide allow for quick and easy access and analysis of results, providing valuable insight into driver risk for decision makers within the organization.


Reports provide your organization with scientific evidence to support the following steps: safe return to work decisions, training remediation, or medical intervention. 

Watch the videos to understand the different tasks in the ExceleRATE test.

ExceleRATE dashboard

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When an assessment is complete, data from the in-office and on-road assessments are compiled and an overall score is generated.

Our reports make it quick and easy to analyze results, rank drivers, and provide valuable insight for training and remediation purposes. 

Case Studies

See why so many organizations trust ExceleRATE to improve their bottom line.